Face Recognition Cameras and Development Kits

Face Recognition Cameras and Development Kits

Are you considering developing your own biometric face recognition solution? If so, then let Fulcrum provide you with the hardware and software tools necessary to quickly incorporate biometric identification into your existing applications or to develop your own standalone biometric applications. Face recognition solutions are quickly growing in popularity based upon the ability to use commonly available webcams. Without the need for dedicated hardware, face recognition software represent a low cost approach to incorporating biometrics into existing applications.

The principal component required to develop any biometric identification solution is the identification/verification algorithm - which is included as part of a software development kit (SDK). This is the logic that allows biometric scans to be compared against existing profiles to determine if there is a positive match. When considering an identification algorithm some key criteria to evaluate are matching speed versus matching accuracy. Based upon the number of identification profiles that will be evaluated, the accuracy latitude of the application, and the performance expectation of the users, Fulcrum can help you identify the best SDK to meet your development requirements. Our most popular facial SDK - which offers an excellent balance of price, performance, and accuracy - is VeriLook by Neurotechnology.  If your needs are related to embedded systems development we offer the FaceCell Library EDK.  This Library requires an executed software licensing agreement before delivery.  Please contact us for more information on this.  Facial image enrollment and identification is also available in our the multibiometric development system MegaMatcher.  You may find our face identification software development kits here:

VeriLook Standard SDK - For development of stand alone PC applications
VeriLook Extended SDK - For development of client/server based or web applications
FaceCell Library EDK - For development of facial recognition on embedded systems
MegaMatcher Standard SDK - For development of small multibiometric applications
MegaMatcher Extended SDK - For development of very large scale multibiometric applicaitons

While some SDK’s are designed to work only with their own proprietary hardware, most of our SDK’s, like VeriLook, are designed to work with a wide variety of digital cameras and webcam devices. These acquisition devices include both standalone and embedded sensors that are designed to operate under a variety of environmental conditions.

And, our offering does not end at the checkout process. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients the service and support they need to realize their biometric identification objectives. Whether you need advice on which SDK will best suite your application or you have a unique environment that requires specialized biometric identification systems, Fulcrum has the experience, expertise, and products to get your solution up and running quickly.