Clock View ClockVIEW Lite

The Modern, Affordable Time Clock Solution You've Been Searching For

ClockView Lite is a standalone time and management software product from Acumen Data Systems that contains many HR/employee management features and employee self-service capabilities.

ClockVIEW Lite by Acumen Data Systems features a simple, easy-to-use interface that helps you get the job done. Our Time Clock Software gives your employees convenient anytime, anywhere access via the web or dedicated time clocks featuring the latest in biometrics.

Employee Management

The employee management console makes it easy to add and remove employees. Configure employee schedules, positions, and pay rules all from one location.

Time Card Management

ClockVIEW Lite features a simple, easy-to-use interface that helps you get the job done. The timecard is set to populate realtime using a time clock or a web-based clock.

Easy Reporting

ClockVIEW Lite features a simple, easy-to-use reports for employees, supervisors as well as administration staff.

Schedule Management

ClockVIEW Lite supports unlimited schedules to meet the demands of today’s workforce. Add, define, and update schedules with the click of a mouse.

Dedicated Biometric Time Clocks

Featuring the latest in time clock technology

Hassle free fingerprint scanner offering the latest in accuracy and convenience.

Features a wireless badge reader for simple and quick management.

Standard Pin Based
Classic punch in and out using a standard keypad.

Accumen FB350

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