January 3, 2019

New Face Verification SDK from Neurotechnology Simplifies Integration of Facial Authentication Applications for PCs and Mobile Devices

Face Verification SDK enables secure biometric authentication for a variety of banking, e-government and enterprise applications.

Neurotechnology has released the new Face Verification SDK for integration of secure biometric authentication into mass scale systems. The software development kit can be used for adding facial recognition into various applications, like online banking and e-shops, government e-services, social networks and media sharing services, as well as other enterprise systems.

The SDK includes facial biometric algorithm for reliable identity verification, which is widely required by governments and institutions. Additional anti-spoofing measures are ensured by face liveness detection from video stream to prevent cheating with a photo in front of a camera.

The software development kit provides a simple API for easy integration of facial authentication into enterprise and consumer applications for mobile devices and PCs. It includes a flexible deployment mechanism which helps system integrators use it in transaction-based environments. At the same time, it allows face verification to be performed offline on personal devices and keeps the server component on the end customer's side.

The Face Verification SDK uses a subset of Neurotechnology's VeriLook/MegaMatcher algorithm to provide necessary features in a compact library for integration into mobile applications. There is a possibility to import facial templates from a VeriLook or MegaMatcher based system to the Face Verification SDK based applications.

Download a trial to evaluate Face Verification SDK in real environments and real applications.

Read the Neurotechnology press release for more information.

Special purchase conditions for the new Face Verification SDK are available for existing MegaMatcher and VeriLook SDK customers.

Face Verification SDK and the entire Neurotechnology biometric product line can be purchased from Fulcrum Biometrics.

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