FingerSCAN DecedentID

Capture digital fingerprint images from decedents for rapid identification and case reporting purposes

Digitize Decedent Fingerprints using an iOS App

Faster Processing Time

FingerSCAN DecedentID offers an efficient workflow for capturing fingerprint (slap and roll) images that can be sent via email in real-time to a remote identification unit for identification purposes. Furthermore, the app creates a decedent fingerprint card for archive and reporting purposes.

Better Images

Ink is messy and unless you are a fingerprinting expert, it can be difficult to capture good quality images using ink. Not so with electronic fingerprinting. FingerSCAN DecedentID works with IdentiFi-45 (WiFi) compact fingerprint scanners to produce high-quality images. (Does not work for degloved and mummified decedents.)

No Mess

FingerSCAN DecedentID requires no ink and card because the fingerprints are captured electronically. Re-scans are super easy and quick with no retab mess.

The software creates a Decendent fingerprint card.

Capture up to 10 fingerprint slaps and rolls using a wi-fi FBI certified fingerprint scanner (IdentiFi-45).

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