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Portable Handheld Biometric Devices for Mobile Identification

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Credence Trident Credence Trident

Credence Trident is the ultimate mobile combination of face, finger and iris biometrics on a state of the art mobile platform. PLEASE NOTE, INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS REQUIRE AN EXPORT LICENSE FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT. THE APPLICATION PROCESS CAN LAST UP TO 45 DAYS.

Our Price: $99,999.99
SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner

The SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth fingerprint scanner is a high quality fingerprint scanner that works with most modern mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops that have Bluetooth 1.1+ capabilities.  This scanner produces a high quality fingerprint and can compress the print into the FBI/NIST defined WSQ format for rapid transmission.

Our Price: $99,999.99
Dermalog SVT 3000 is the ultimate device for voting and more. Dermalog SVT 3000 Multi-Biometric Mobile Device

Fulcrum Biometrics offers the Dermalog SVT 3000 multi-biometric mobile device that can be used for multiple applications where secure mobile authentication is required.

Our Price: $99,999.99
On the rear side of the DERMALOG SVT 4000SE, a camera is
integrated. DERMALOG SVT 4000SE Multi-Biometric Mobile Device

The DERMALOG SVT 4000SE is an All-in-One multi-biometric handheld device that can be used for multiple applications where secure mobile authentication is required.

Our Price: $99,999.99
The bioCAPTUS R50 mobile computer with biometrics keeps a mobile workforce productive in the field. bioCAPTUS R50

Fulcrum Biometric’s bioCAPTUS R50 mobile computer is designed for enterprises that require anywhere, anytime real-time connectivity to business-critical applications and fast fingerprint scanning capabilities in a rugged form factor built for maximum uptime and productivity out in the field.

Our Price: $99,999.99
The bioCAPTUS R80 rugged Android multimodal biometrics tablet has built-in resistance against environmental and human error hazards. bioCAPTUS R80

The bioCAPTUS R80 fully rugged Android tablet is just the right size with fast fingerprint scanning capabilities making it the ideal solution for improved mobile productivity. Whether you work in a remote location or in a vehicle, we’ll keep you productive and connected when it matters most. The bioCAPTUS R80 provides a large battery (6800mAh) run-time performance for mission-critical field operations. Rugged to the core, the bioCAPTUS R80’s armored metal frame design is optimized for a wide variety of configurable features.

Our Price: $99,999.99
bioCAPTUS R55 Pro bioCAPTUS R55 Pro

The bioCAPTUS R55 Pro mobile handheld biometric device offers fast fingerprint scanning capabilities and anywhere, anytime real-time connectivity to applications.

Our Price: $99,999.99